It is the public name of a group of 100% Mexican companies, dedicated to providing solutions to provide reliability to the high voltage market.

With thirty years of experience, GrupoDriel ® has positioned itself as a leader in the Mexican electric market, in addition to having a great presence and recognition at an international level.


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The companies that make up GrupoDriel are:

Company founded in 1984, with the aim of offering products for the Mexican high voltage market.


In 1987, the Research and Development area of Galadriel® began the search for a product that will help reduce the faults in high voltage equipment located in areas of high pollution, where traditionally used the silicone grease that had the disadvantage of being Saturated rapidly by pollutants.

Our goal was to develop a new product, easy to apply, durable, easy to handle and clean. After months of research and own development, supported by specialized institutions, Silidriel ® emerges.

The new product gives name to the company Aplicaciones Silidriel S.A. Of C.V. Marketer of this and other products, becoming the only fully integrated Mexican company to protect insulators in areas of high pollution.

At Silidriel ® we study the needs of each of our customers to apply high voltage solutions.

Dirección: Cerro de las campanas No.15 Col. Las Américas, Querétaro, Qro. C.P. 76121 México

Derechos Reservados. Silidriel® Galadriel® y la denominación Driel® son propiedad de Aplicaciones Silidriel S.A. de C.V.